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Stopping Emails You've Subscribed To

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How to stop emails about topics or forums you have subscribed to

First off, you must have requested emails to be sent. The only emails that admin are responsible for is the welcome message when you join and maybe the occasional warning or social email. Straight up, admin can’t interfere with what a member has subscribed to. The only way I could stop emails you’ve requested is to log in as you and for that, I’d need your login name and password.

Fortunately, it’s very easy to stop email subscriptions.:-

Go to:- http://www.airgunforum.net/agf/index.php?

In the upper right quadrant of the screen where there’s some clickable functions, click on My Controls

On the left side of the screen, under the list entitled Menu, scroll down until you see the sub header Subscriptions

Click first on View Topics and that will provide you with a list of topics you may be subscribed to. Alter the number of days and click Go if you have really old topics you were monitoring. Tick the select boxes on the right of the text on those you want to stop and then select Unsubscribe on the upper pulldown and click on the with selected button. Your selected topics will disappear and plague you no longer. Next, under Menu and Subscriptions, click on View Forums and repeat the procedure.

That should be Job Done!

Cheers. DaveL

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