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Guest raygun

Northwest Winter shoots.

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Guest raygun

The Northwest Winter Gauntlet Series of shoots starts this Sunday. 16/10/11.


A series of 6 shoots held at venues in the Northwest.


Round 1 will be held at Furness Marksmens ground at Crabtree Farm, Cow Brow, Lupton, Carnforth, Lancs.

Post code is LA6 1PJ. (1/2 mile from Junction 36 M6).


Safety Brief at 10.15am and shoot start at 10.30am.


30 Target course to UKAHFT Rules.




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Guest raygun

Results of the Winter Gauntlet Round 1.


Dave Ramshead 59

Dave Benyon 57

Andy Jones 57

Mark Wilson FM 56

Chris Morton RR 56

John Rawnsley RR 56

Steve Goacher FM 55

Jim Harney OL 55

John Oldroyd RR 55

Ray Ross RR 55

James McLachlan RR 54

Ian Paul RR 54

Samie Ramshead 54

Mick McTighe HG 53

Ian Whiteside OL 53

Bruno Aiello OL 53

Matt Brookes OL 53

Derek Whittingham 53

Peter Bently FM 52

Steve Oultram RR 52

Geoff Watkinson 52

Scott Griffiths FO 51

Mark Leck FO 51

Nigel Smith HG 51

Dave Martin HG 51

Steve Taylor RR 51

Simon Howarth 51

Lee Meadows RR 50

Tommy Russell FM 49

Lee Griffiths FO 49

Harry Compton MAD 49

Alan Laurikietis OL 49

Paul Blair RR 49

Bert Tate 49

Phil Sharples RR 48

Ian Unsworth RR 48

Andy McLachlan RR 48

Andy Wilson RR 48

Elliot Compton MAD 47

Mike Everson 47

Joe Downes FO 46

Richard Harley HG 46

Ian Bloxham RR 46

Alf Howarth RR 46

Nick Bates FM 45

Simon Downes FO 45

John Morgan OL 45

Phillip Mykytiuk RO 45

Steve Mcfarlane RR 45

Stephen Wardle RO 44

Steven Adshead RO 43

Tim Backhouse TV 43

Barry Sayer 43

D Howie FM 42

Ken Gould HG 42

Matthew Lockett OL 42

Roger Arnold FM 41

Ben Sawrey FM 41

Darren Taylor RO 40

Matthew Adshead RO 40

John Sayer 40

Ian Lockett OL 39

Rachel Unsworth RR 39

David Gaskell RR 39

Karyn McFarlane RR 38

David Atkinson FM 37

David Luscombe FM 36

Alan Henderson RO 31




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Guest raygun

Results of the Winter Gauntlet shoot Round 2 at Rivi.



Name Club Score

Chris Morton RR 59

James McLachlan RR 57

Lee Meadows RR 57

Andy Jones 56

John Oldroyd RR 56

Bruno Aiello OL 56

Simon Howarth TV 56

Phil Sharples RR 56

Dave Ramshead 55

Mark Wilson 55

Jim Harney OL 55

Mick McTighe HG 55

Steve Taylor RR 55

Paul Livesey OL 55

Sam Oultram RR 55

Ray Ross RR 54

Matt Brookes OL 54

Derek Whittingham 54

Craig Rochell CL 54

Rick Ardern HG 54

Dave Martin HG 53

Brian Franklin FO 53

John Rawnsley RR 52

Ian Whiteside OL 52

Ian Bloxham RR 52

Phillip Mykytiuk RO 52

Andrew Cave OL 52

Brian Lewis FO 52

Ken Cross RR 52

Nigel Smith HG 51

Harry Compton MAD 51

Mark Smith FO 51

Dave Duncan CH 51

Ian Paul RR 50

Steven Adshead RO 50

Karyn McFarlane RR 50

Bill Jones FO 50

Mike O'Connor OL 50

Mikey Heathcote HG 50

Steve Wilson RR 50

Steve Shaw BL 50

Dave Benyon 49

Elliot Compton MAD 49

Steve Mcfarlane RR 49

Colin Wilkinson 49

Geoff Watkinson 48

Alan Laurikietis OL 48

John Sayer BL 48

Alan Foster FO 48

Chris Tucker RR 48

Paul Blair RR 47

Tommy Russell FM 47

Andy McLachlan RR 47

Don Edge OL 47

Harry Thornley RR 47

Paul Thelwell FO 47

Stuart Bell SP 47

Stephen Wardle RO 46

Darren Taylor RO 46

Graeme Cave OL 46

Keith Maynard 46

John Sawrey FM 45

Scott Griffiths FO 45

Barry Sayer BL 45

Simon Harrison TV 45

Chris Ely TV 45

Jonathan Woodburn RR 45

Matthew Lockett OL 44

Aretha Devanney HG 44

Mike Turner FO 44

Ken Gould HG 43

Roger Arnold FM 43

David Gaskell RR 43

Ian Lockett OL 43

Alisdair Swindells 43

Emily Roberts FO 43

Matthew Foster FO 43

Alan Meadows RR 42

Ian Roberts FO 41

Rick Hallam 41

Steve Roe RR 41

Richard Swindells 38

Adam Green 38

Alan Henderson RO 37

Gareth Armitage 36

Matthew Adshead RO 35

Heather Whitby FO 35

Steve Fildes FO 35

Alex Dewsbury 35

Adam Griffiths FO 34

Ted Jensen 34

Colin Green 34

Matthew Tickle FO 31

Alf Howarth RR 25 (DNF)

Fred Kaz BL 21 (DNF)




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Guest raygun

Results of Round 3 of the Winter Gauntlet shoot at Fort.


Name Club Score

Andy Jones 58

Steve Taylor RR 58

Bruno Aiello OL 57

Dave Benyon 56

Mark Dixon FO 56

Mike Turner FO 56

William Jefferies FO 56

David Getting FO 56

Phil Sharples RR 55

Geoff Watkinson 55

Chris Ely TV 55

Matt Brooks OL 55

Richard Jefferies FO 55

Chris Morton RR 54

Ian Whiteside OL 54

Dave Martin HG 54

Elliot Compton MAD 54

Craig Rochell CL 54

Andy Pemberton FO 54

Matthew Foster FO 53

Alan Laurikietis OL 52

Brian Franklin FO 52

Brian Lewis FO 52

Dave Duncan CH 52

Bill Jones FO 52

Ian Unsworth RR 52

Harry Thornley RR 52

Derek Whittingham 51

Lee Griffiths FO 51

Tracy Shearing FO 51

Mike O'Connor OL 50

Simon Downes FO 50

Scott Clark FO 50

Steve Swift FO 50

Steve Mcfarlane RR 49

Tony Allen FO 49

Kevin Lloyd FO 49

Scott Griffiths FO 48

Alan Foster FO 48

Carole Roberts FO 48

John Morgan OL 47

Chris Tucker RR 46

Rick Hallam 46

Ray Mitchell FO 46

Julian Thomas FO 45

Chris Baker 45

Phil Frost 45

Joe Downes FO 43

Emily Clark FO 39

Tom Frost FO 39

Mikey Heathcote HG 38

Ian Roberts FO 38

Alan Davies Wi 38

Chris Roberts FO 32

Karyn McFarlane RR 25


Dave Ramshead DNF

Abby Clark DNF

Ray Ross Incomplete Card - Withdrawn from comp

John Rawnsley Incomplete Card - Withdrawn from comp

Mark Smith Incomplete Card - Withdrawn from comp




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Guest raygun

Round 4 of the NW Winter Gauntlet shoots will be held at on 8th Jan at Oldham (Worsley).


30 target course to the new UKAHFT Rules.


£5 entry. Booking in from 8.30am to 10.15am. Safety 10.30am.




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Guest raygun

Results of the Winter Gauntlet Round 4 at Oldham.


Name Club Score

Don Edge OL 60

Geoff Watkinson RR 58

Dave Ramshead RR 58

Steve Goacher FM 58

Rick Ardern HG 58

Chris Morton RR 57

Paul Livesey OL 57

Nick Bates FM 57

Andy Jones 56

Dave Martin HG 56

Samie Ramshead RR 56

Steve Oultram RR 56

James McLachlan RR 55

Lee Meadows RR 55

Bruno Aiello OL 54

Phil Sharples RR 54

Mark Wilson 54

Ray Ross RR 54

Craig Rochell CL 54

Simon Howarth 54

Pete Minchin 54

Dave Benyon RR 53

Mike O'Connor OL 53

Colin Wilkinson 53

Andy McLachlan RR 53

Andy Wilson RR 53

Si Belcher HG 53

Steve Taylor RR 52

Matt Brookes OL 52

Derek Whittingham 52

John Rawnsley RR 52

Mick McTighe HG 52

Dave Duncan CH 52

Ian Unsworth RR 52

Harry Thornley RR 52

Greg Morss 52

Ian Whiteside OL 51

Jim Harney OL 51

Bill Jones FO 51

Chris Tucker RR 51

Roger Arnold FM 51

Stuart Bell SP 51

Martin Thorpe 51

Sam Oultram RR 50

Elliot Compton MAD 50

Scott Clark FO 50

Emily Clark FO 50

Phil Gibbs 50

Harry Compton MAD 49

Tommy Russell FM 49

Steve Wilson RR 49

Ed Belcher HG 49

Nigel Jones FO 49

Nigel Smith HG 48

Phillip Mykytiuk RO 48

Stephen Wardle RO 48

Chris Baker 48

Phoebe Brookes OL 48

Mikey Heathcote HG 47

Matthew Lockett OL 47

Ken Cross RR 47

Drew Thompson FO 47

Matt Ford HG 47

Mike Franklin FO 47

Lee Griffiths FO 46

Alan Davies Wi 46

John Sayer BL 46

Scott Griffiths FO 45

Chris Ely TV 45

John Morgan OL 45

David Gaskell RR 45

Ian Lockett OL 45

Paul Thelwell FO 45

Alan Henderson RO 45

Connor Ford HG 45

Tony Allen FO 44

Richard Lees SP 44

Rick Hallam FO 43

Mark Smith FO 43

Simon Harrison TV 43

Ian Paul RR 43

Max Livesey OL 43

Simon Downes FO 42

Emily Roberts FO 42

Hugo Compton MAD 42

Steven Adshead RO 41

Paul Blair RR 41

David Connor RO 41

Darren Taylor RO 40

Sophie Smith FO 40

Martin Roe HG 40

Matthew Adshead RO 39

Adam Griffiths FO 39

Ken Gould HG 37

Alf Howarth RR 36

Rachel Unsworth RR 36

Heather Whitby FO 36

Ian McVinnie BL 36

Ian Roberts FO 35

Alan Meadows RR 34




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Guest raygun

Results of Round 5 of the Winter Gauntlet Shoot at Oldham (05/02/12)


Name Club Score

James McLachlan RR 59

Chris Morton RR 58

Dave Martin HG 58

Craig Rochell CL 58

Simon Howarth 58

Bruno Aiello OL 57

Dave Ramshead RR 57

Jim Harney OL 57

John Oldroyd RR 57

Mike Turner FO 57

Greg Morss 57

Steve Taylor RR 56

Dave Benyon RR 56

Ian Whiteside OL 56

Ray Ross RR 56

Bill Jones FO 56

Rick Ardern HG 56

Brian Lewis FO 56

Andy Jones 55

Lee Meadows RR 55

Steve Goacher FM 55

Paul Livesey OL 55

Ian Paul RR 55

Andy Wilson RR 55

Mark Wilson 54

John Rawnsley RR 54

Harry Thornley RR 54

Alan Laurikietis OL 54

Chris Tucker RR 54

Matthew Foster FO 54

Simon Harrison TV 54

Matt Brookes OL 53

Harry Compton MAD 53

Andy McLachlan RR 53

Scott Clark FO 53

Mike O'Connor OL 52

Tommy Russell FM 52

Nick Bates FM 52

Emily Clark FO 52

Alex Dewsbury 52

Geoff Watkinson RR 51

Andy Stevenson FO 51

Elliot Compton MAD 50

Stephen Wardle RO 50

Karyn McFarlane RR 50

Matthew Adshead RO 50

Sam Oultram RR 50

Colin Wilkinson 50

John Sawrey FM 50

Barry Sayer BL 50

Ian Unsworth RR 49

Matthew Lockett OL 49

Paul Thelwell FO 49

Phil Sharples RR 48

Steve Mcfarlane RR 48

Roger Arnold FM 48

John Sayer BL 48

Phoebe Brookes OL 47

Rachel Unsworth RR 46

Max Livesey OL 46

Steven Adshead RO 45

Drew Thompson FO 45

Jack Rowland OL 45

Phil Kelly OL 45

Chris Ely TV 44

Rick Hallam FO 44

John Morgan OL 43

Ian Lockett OL 43

Steve Fildes FO 41

Simon Butlewort OL 40

Darren Taylor RO 39

Karl Taylor RO 39

Stuart Greenhalgh OL 24


One score corrected - Mike O'Connor 53>52 - incorrectly totalled.




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Guest raygun

Results of Round 6 (Final Round) of the Northwest Gauntlet (04/03/12)


Name Club Score

Steve Goacher FM 53

James McLachlan RR 53

Dave Benyon RR 53

Ian Whiteside OL 52

John Oldroyd RR 52

Sam Oultram RR 52

Elliot Compton MAD 51

Jim Harney OL 51

Craig Rochell CL 50

Matthew Foster FO 50

Bruno Aiello OL 50

Chris Morton RR 50

Geoff Watkinson RR 50

Ian Unsworth RR 50

Dave Ramshead RR 49

Rick Ardern HG 48

Phillip Mykytiuk RO 48

Mark Wilson 48

Chris Baker 48

Paul Livesey OL 47

Andy Wilson RR 47

Roger Arnold FM 46

Bill Jones FO 46

Emily Clark FO 46

Alan Foster FO 46

Andy Stevenson FO 46

Phil Kelly OL 46

Karyn McFarlane RR 46

Steve Oultram RR 46

Andy Jones RR 46

Paul Thelwell FO 45

Matt Brookes OL 45

Steve Taylor RR 45

Phil Sharples RR 45

Scott Clark FO 43

Nigel Smith HG 43

Chris Tucker RR 43

Andy McLachlan RR 43

Barry Sayer BL 42

Dave Duncan CH 42

Tommy Russell FM 42

John Sawrey FM 42

Matthew Lockett OL 42

Steve Mcfarlane RR 42

Ian Lockett OL 41

Harry Compton MAD 40

Adam Green 40

Peter Bently FM 39

Mikey Heathcote HG 39

John Morgan OL 39

Stephen Wardle RO 39

Ray Ross RR 39

Tim Backhouse TV 39

Lee Meadows RR 38

John Sayer BL 36

Connor Ford HG 36

Anthony Hopkins 36

Steven Adshead RO 33

Connor Abernthy FM 31

Matthew Adshead RO 25


Steve Cochrane Scotland 51

Ian Horne Scotland 49

Greg Morss Scotland 48

David Robertson Scotland 47

Marc Elder Scotland 46

Eddie Carlin Scotland 46

Bob Sommers Scotland 45

Daryl Lewis Scotland 45

Lee McNab Scotland 44

Ian Thomson Scotland 44

Graeme Ross Scotland 44

Rob McNee Scotland 44

Andy Humphrey Scotland 43

Graham Easton Scotland 43

Richard Murray Scotland 43

David Kay Scotland 43

Phil Godwin Scotland 41

Graham livingstone Scotland 41

Jason Williams Scotland 39

Susan King Scotland 39

Ian Carlin Scotland 39

Alan Griffen Scotland 39

Andy Rosie Scotland 39

George Crawford Scotland 39

Wullie Johanessen Scotland 38

Billy Kerr Scotland 38

Sandy McNab Scotland 36

Nicola Carlin Scotland 36

Adam Drysdale Scotland 35

Neil Ross Scotland 34

Brian Fitzimmons Scotland 34

Hogan Kerr Scotland 33

Jimmy Watson Scotland 30

Steve Scadlock Scotland 27

Jamie Macdonald Scotland 17



England Top 20 Score



Scotland Top 20 Score





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