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Air Arms s410 classic

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I picked up the s410 back in Late November/early December last year with the intention of doing it up for my Dad.

He has got the Air Arms s510 TC and didnt get on with it.But now after using it for a few months he loves it.

So I still went ahead and did a complete strip down of the S410 seeing as I have never stripped a gun down before,only ever done a few stocks.

After looking up on the internet and getting some idea what do I dismantled all the working parts,degreased them then polished them all up.I also re-done the stock(Beech).Took off all the old varnish/oil,sanded then re-stained it with Indian rosewood and put on at least 10 coats of Birchwood casey True oil.

Also the bolt was for a left handed person so was going to buy a new one to fit a right handed person as the stock is right handed.But whilst browsing the AAOC forums I noticed a thread on how to change the bolt round for a right handed person.It was about a 30 min job but saved me £35 :)

I chrono'd the rifle this morning and it was shooting at 13.70 ftlb :0 :0 .The power had gone right up where I had polished the working parts.But it was an easy fix as it is the Pre-anti tamper and adjusted it down to 11.20 ftlb.

So now I want to keep the s410 for myself but my wife has other ideas.She said I can keep it if I sell my HW100KT :eek: :eek: ...There is no chance of that.So looks like I will have to sell the s410.

Here are a few pics of my rifle.



This one was taken outside but the light wasnt very good and I only have an old cheapy camera.



All the rest were taken indoors in the front bed room as the sun was shinning in and was alot brighter













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