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Roy Page

Webley Tempest

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I have the above pistol bought in the early 1980's from new.I have kept it in pretty good condition but have only just tried putting it through the chrono and am only getting around 3 ft lb or less.(Tried firing an elastic band through chrono and fps was not much less!)

Please does anyone have information including diagrams etc of how to fully strip and rebuild this pistol and if it is reasonably straight foreward to carry out (as I do not want to strip down pistol and not be able to reassemble or make it worse).

Thanks for any help.

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I had one of those in my youth. Worth a look first of all is the rubber breech/transfer port seal, if worn air can leak from here. The breech of the barrel can also wear from incorrect closing procedure, if its really bad it won't seal completely at the transfer port. If yours is like this, a new barrel is needed - or a skilled welder might effect a repair by placing a blob of weld on the worn area then careful filing smooth.


Disassembly... Well from what I recall, and it was a while ago:


Remove the plastic forend (is secured by a rollpin in front of the triggerguard) to reveal the pin that secures the barrel.

Remove this pin, then take off the barrel and cocking linkage.

Drift out the pin that secures the plug that hold in the mainspring, piston etc - keep pressure on the plug, it can be propelled for a considerable distance on release.

Withdraw the plug and spring guide, use the cocking linkage to extract piston.

Recondition as needed and reassemble in reverse order.


I'm pretty certain they made around 4.5ftlb from new, should just be a case of new seals and a relube.


Theres some pics here and here that may help you... The second is for a Hurricane, but they are mechanically similar to your Tempest.

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Ah I love the Tempest :wub: I have a mint one in .22 (which I got for £50.00 and a Mauser hunting knife)




I have a link <here> for a few spares and I know the shop well, the two brothers who run it are polite enough and you can ring for latest spares enquiries etc.


I don't shoot mine very often and I keep it well protected so hopefully it will last forever :)


A great classic air pistol and I think everyone should own one.........just not MY one!!! :awink:





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