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New Tuner in Town

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Hi All


In this day and age, I'm finding good traditional quality and service a rare thing, so I like to share when I get it !


Being the proud owner of a long time saved for TX200 HC mk3, I always planned to get it tuned but after a thousand or so pellets it developed a real twang and never put put more than 10.5 ft lbs.


I was recommended I took it to Mike Upton (www.airguntune.co.uk) who is very local to me and I've been seriously impressed with Mike and the results he has achieved.


Mike is seriously obsessed with how air guns work with really traditional engineering expertise. He showed me his working environment with guns he was working on, individual components all in little compartments. He measures the internal to 100th of a millimeter (might be 1000th?) and showed me the individual technical drawings of the inside of pistons etc. that he produces for all the guns he fits his own parts to.


I had a bespoke spring, bespoke spring guide and a bespoke seal all to Mikes design. Mike also properly polished the trigger after my failed DIY attempt did not yield much improvement.


The gun from new was had a fps spread of around 20 over 30 shots, post tune and after 500 odd shots I had a 30 shot string give a 10fps spread and 23 of those shots had a 6fps spread.


The original gun had a ton of preload and was saturated with grease (including past the seal), but now it puts out just over 11ftlbs with accupells and 11.8 with AA field ( we are monitoring this and Mike will adjust if it gets hot).


The main result is the recoil. Obviously no twang now and I can only describe the recoil as slight, predictable and it just seems so much 'quicker' / 'snappier' (?) than before. I can only practice currently over a short range but can genuinely state that follow through has definatey improved.


The trigger work Mike had done has given an incredibly smooth result. I did have to adjust it to my personal taste to give a heavier second stage/pull (for hunting) but now its done I would argue its better than the rekord on the HW80 I had.


Mike kept me updated while he had the gun and was very honest and approachable throughout.


To conclude, well worth the money, sterling bloke and a significant improvement on the out of the box TX.


One happy customer.






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