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J Bowkett Titan pistol help

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Ok i admit it im a numpty of the highest order :doh:

I decided to sort the trigger out on my Bowkett Titan pistol this morning and at first sight i thought it looks fairly simple with only three moving parts so i stripped it cleaned the accumulated grime from the past few years out of it. Its all nice and shiny now plus a light coat of oil but for the life of me i cant figure out how the thing goes back together So has anyone any experience with Mr Bowkett's trigger units? an assembly drawing is too much to ask but you never know

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It won't help you now I'm afraid, but in future, a digital camera can be your best friend.

The photos cost nothing ( after the camera is had ) so snapping pictures of how

things were, every step of the way can be a tremendous help in putting something

back together again.

( how do I know this ? )

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