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BASC Press Release, Response to Euro Invasive Species Called For

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BASC calls for response to European survey on invasive alien species


8th March 2012…………….……………………………………………….immediate release.


The UK’s largest shooting organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), is calling on everyone involved in shooting and land management to fill out a short online survey from the European Commission which is asking for views on tackling invasive alien species.


A full guide to the Europe-wide survey can be found on the Key Issues section of the BASC website www.basc.org.uk.


BASC policy manager Dr. Conor O’Gorman said “This is a short but important survey organised by the European Commission asking for views on how to manage invasive alien species. Species such as the North American mink and the grey squirrel are both classed as invasive alien species because they can have a devastating impact on native eco-systems. It is important that people who are involved in shooting and shoot management take this opportunity to make their views known to policy makers at the European level.”


The BASC website contains a guide to filling out the eleven-question survey which is open until the 12th April 2012.



For more information please call the BASC press office on 01244 573031.



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