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Air Arms S200

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I have an ad in the wanted section for a .177 S200, for my 11 year old son - who's recently taken up HFT.


I imagine these rifles are (like the S400) rather straightforward to maintain, etc but what issues do I need to be wary of when looking to buy second hand ?


What are the pro's and cons with regards to the different versions ? My preference - at the mo' - would be a MK2 with the target (adjustable stock)


Any advice gratefully appreciated.


Thanks in advance, Stuart

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Guest raygun

Hi Stuart,

The S200 Target is a good choice. I don't think there are many problems with the S200 series. Make sure you do get a 12FPE version as there are some 6FPE versions knocking around.

Biggest drawback for them is the shot count of around 40 shots in .177. You can however get then regged now which improves the shot count a fair bit.

There were some MK1 Target versions.


There are a couple of articles on the S200 in the "Rifles & Pistols" section, so a read of those would be a good idea.




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You can't go wrong with any of the Air Arms S200 models. They all punch above their weight and are very accurate. Like Ray says some of the Target models come in 6 Ft/Lb versions, due to being used on a 10 metre paper target shooting, so wouldn't be as suitable at HFT ranges out to 55 yards. I have just regulated my Air Arms S200 Mk1 with an Altaros regulator, costing £63, delivered. The pro's of the Mk1 and some of the Mk2 models are that they have no anti tamper screws, allowing you to fine tune the hammer and transfer port to the Ft/Lbs that you require. I have found that they are best set between 11.3 and 11.6, any higher and the shot consistency can be off. With my regulator I am getting around 70 shots in .22 at 190 bar, but can charge to 200 with the regulator fitted giving me 90 shots. At 10.5 Ft/Lbs its returning 120 shots at 200 bar. Expect about 15% less shots with a .177, due to the extra air required to equal the equivalent power to .22.


To identify the 3 models, the Mk3 is a full single stock. The Mk2 is a double stock with a barrel band, and the Mk1 is also a double piece stock with no barrel band. Apart from that, you will find that most of the parts are interchangeable, even the stocks.

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I took my Air Arms S200 CZ .22 to the Woodend Farm Airgun Complex today to test it for the first time on the range since fitting my new Altaros regulator. After slightly winding down the power using the venturi screw on the transfer port, I am now getting a shot variation of no more than 4 feet per second over the entire 100 shots that a 200 bar fill will give. The power is now just over 11 Foot pounds, or around 560 to 563 feet per second using Daystate Rangemaster Sovereign pellets weighing 15.9 grains.


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