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Guest raygun

AIM Northwest Gauntlet R5 Results.

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Guest raygun

Shoot conditions warm and sunny with little wind.


Chris Morton RR Open 58

Don Edge OL Open 58

Andy Wilson RR Open 57

Andy Jones RR Open 57

James McLachlan RR Open 57

Marc Elder Scotland Open 57

Sam Oultram RR Open 57

Chris Baker FO Open 56

Dave Duncan CH Open 56

Dave Ramshead RR Open 56

Emily Clark FO Jnr 56

Jim Harney OL Open 56

John Oldroyd RR Open 56

Rick Ardern HG Open 56

Alan Davies Wi Open 55

Bill Jones FO Open 55

Craig Rochell CL Open 55

Derek Whittingham RR Open 55

Greg Morss Scotland Open 55

Mark Smith FO Open 55

Mikey Heathcote HG Open 54

Steve Taylor RR Open 54

Danny Jones FO Open 53

Harry Thornley RR Open 53

Matt Brookes OL Open 53

Harry Compton Clan Open 52

Ian Unsworth RR Open 52

Mike Franklin FO Open 52

Paul Thelwell FO Open 52

Scott Clark FO Open 52

Steve Macfarlane RR Open 52

Ian Whiteside OL Open 51

Lee Meadows RR Odd 51

Phil Godwin Scotland Open 51

Ray Ross RR Open 51

Brian Franklin FO Open 50

Elliott Compton Clan Jnr 50

Ian Paul RR Odd 50

John Morgan OL Open 50

Phil Kelly OL Open 50

Steve Oultram RR Open 50

Karyn Macfarlane RR Open 49

Bernie Jones OL Open 48

Chris Roberts FO Open 48

Chris Tucker RR Odd 48

Geoff Watkinson RR Open 48

Ian Roberts FO Open 48

Jack Rowland OL Open 48

Matthew Lockett OL Jnr 48

Roger Arnold Open 48

Ian Bloxham RR Open 47

Simon Butterworth OL Open 47

Glen Hoskin Clan Jnr 46

John Sayer BOAC Open 46

Joseph Downes FO Jnr 45

Simon Downes FO Open 45

Tommy Russell Open 45

Gareth Armitage Open 44

Ian Lockett OL Open 44

Mick Bate FO Open 44

Rachel Unsworth RR Jnr 44

Alan Meadows RR Open 43

Carole Roberts FO Open 43

Gareth Rowland OL Open 41

Emily Roberts FO Jnr 39

Jason Molyneux Odd 37

Josh Roberts OL OL 36

Glynn Cave OL Open 35

Jordan Molyneux Odd 35

Stuart Greenhalgh OL Open 34

Tom Greenhalgh OL Open 34

Dave Benyon RR Open DNF


The last round (R7) of the AIM Northwest Gauntlet will now be shot at Central Lancs ground




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