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Feinwerkbau 65/80

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Ive just bought an fwb80 which was missing one of the 0.05mm shim washers fitted to the rear of the recoil sled, I've made one out of a 0.05 mm feeler gauge. Ive got three 0.05 shims in front of thr guide and one at the rear and It now shoots and the action recoils and stays in the rear position. Im I right in thinking if I push it forward itll move around forward to back, and once cocked it'll move around freely or should it lock in the forward position?


I believe it was a rivi member I bought it from.


I've just bought a maccari mainspring and seal set for it from maccari, Ive also read that the cylinder should run almost dry, but am I right in thinking it should be lightly lubed with some moly? Or should I get the proper fwb lube.


Fantastic pistol though



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The action should lock in the forward position when the pistol is cocked.


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Yes it's all sorted now, im didn't update the thread on here as there was no interest.


There was one too many shims on the rear sled which was preventing it locking in the forward position. All now sorted and shooting perfectly


Of another forum.





Well after a long wait my, feinwerkbau grease finally arrived from Canada. I had already recived my maccari seals and spring front he USA.


While in bits I oiled the grips and using an airbush touched up some of the worn parts on the frame.


The seals were a perfect fit but the spring far too long, the pistol wouldn't cock with it in and I had a hell of a time getting it in the action. I think cut to the same length of the original it would be ok, something I'll try at a later date.


Using a small amount of the fwb special grease (which doesn't combust) I lightly lubed the comp tube inside and outside.


Once reassembled and with the correct shins on the recoil sledge it now shooting spot on.



Maccari seal set




Showing the piston ring seal




The machining tolerances are superb





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Nice one, glad your all sorted now.

The piston buffer seems to look very proud of the piston & it looks flat rather than domed from the image?


BTW FWB Special Grease is one of the few long lasting greases that can be used on rubber, plastics & metal. It is manufactured by a well known, I think american, company but manufactured in Germany. Its available under its own brand name & costs about £90 for 500gms or around £20.00 fpr 100gm tube! .

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The buffer wasn't fully home in that pic, it was pushed further home when reassembling. The pic doesn't show it but it is slightly domed.

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