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Aldingbourne & District Target Shooting Club

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We had a local event on the field between our club and the social club which involved several other clubs/small bussinesses(sp?) , There were bouncy castles,hog roast, sea cadets, dog trials, field gun trials(which I somehow got dragged into!!) as well as shooting of course at our range .

Everyone who had a go walked out with big smiles on their faces clutching their targets with words like "look I beat you dad" or "not bad for my first time" but...more importantly and pleasing were the ones who asked "what nights are you open" and "which other types of shooting do you do" , we had a few people PROMISE to be back and more importantly most were kids which is GREAT as we need more youngsters to get into the sport , we've already got a member of the junior olympic squad and have had olympic medalist Malcolm Cooper as a previous member back in the 80's . We also have the N.T.C (nautical Training Corps) regularly use our range for their practices/comps .


A good day was had by all and hopefully a few new shooters will come of it :)





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