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Stocks and fore end

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Hi all I wondered if any of you good folk out there could advise me of finishing my stock and fore end, I have had the dinks and donks taken out and rubbed the conditioner oil in and waited patiently for it to dry. I had been told it may take a few days dependent on the weather and to let it dry naturally, well over a week later and it still feels as if it could do with a little help with artificial heat would this do any harm in the finishing process as I would like to put a varnish on to it complete the process.

Thanks in anticipation.

Atb falcon

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Hope they done it right ie ironed the dents, sanded, raised the grain three times, then sanded to a finish prior to anything put on it.


Assuming ok, sounds like you have put the oil on thick.

To give you some idea one dip of finger more than enough to do the whole side of a stock. It should be buffed in or hand friction leaving the faintest detectable smear.

This time of year indoors, certainly the first absorbant coats expect a day or less. Woods will vary, you cant push a proper oil finish.

Depending on the wood and amount of hardener it would take two weeks to become presentable giving it a coat a day after sealing and grain filling. Then a coat a month for 12 months then once per year.

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