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Weihrauch HW100 - Not firing

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Hi, hoping someone may be able to help. My HW 100 does not fire; the .22 pellets just get stuck in the barrel.

The issue started when I dropped the gun, not from a great height. It landed on the cushioned part of the stock (which took most of the impact) and then the rest of the gun fell to the ground. I then heard air escaping from the hole under the breach block. This was solved by replacing the 6mm 'O' ring on the brass bit that fits into the Hull Air Cartridge.

It seems like the firing pin in the trigger mechanish isn't pushing the valve rod to release the air?


Air cylinder is OK, just under 200 pressure and when you unscrew the cyclinder there is an escape of air.


Does anyone have any ideas on what the check? Maybe the jolt its had has upset something inside.


Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


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I am not trying to be clever here. I just don't understand the bit about the HULL AIR CARTRIDGE. I recently had an HW 101 which got .22 pellets jammed in the barrel. Trouble was , with the silencer on and shooting outdoors, it was so quiet that it took me a while to realise that the pellets were not coming out !! It had to be sent to Hull Cartridge to be unblocked but no reason was given for the jam .

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Sorry for the delay but doe sit fire the pellet at all? If so then it is not the mechanism.

One item you should check first is that the pellets are not being caught inside the moderator/silencer. Take it off and see if it rattles when shook. If it does then there are loose pellets inside its chambers. Try a shot without the silencer/moderator fitted. If it shoots the pellet then it is the silencer that is probably out of line with the barrel.

to test for barrel damage try looking down the barrel from the front while using a strong torch to shine into the breech without a magazine fitted and the bolt open fully. The interior of the barrel should be a true circle and any sign of ovality or distortion will indicate a bend. In my personal experience the barrels they use would not bend simply by a dropping it.


Hull Cartridge is the name of the sole importers of Weihrauch into the UK market.

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