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spring twang - gun shoots very well - deal with it or tear down ?

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I dug out my Winchester 850 (hatsan 95 rebranded) after sitting for about 9 months. The twang was quite a bit more than when I last shot it.

The groups looked good to me, so I am hesitant to tear it down and risk something not working out well and losing the groups.


Do you just deal with twang until accuracy issues happen or tear it down to stop the twang ?


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I believe you'll either have to put up with the twang which is unlikely to reduce with use, or do a simple strip.


Take all safety precautions. BE SAFE.


A good spring guide is well worth while. Ensure the spring is intact and is a decent fit in the chamber.

Ensure spring ends are decently finished and add nylon washers at each end.

Ensure the piston head is in good condition and makes a good seal.

Ensure everything is nice and clean, especially the piston head and chamber right through to the transfer port.

Lubricate with a heavy grease - chain grease is quite good but Maccari Tar is also very good.

Ensure no lubricant is put ahead of the piston and don't swamp, just ensure good coverage.


The members' area describes strips on springers of various types. The advice is sound throughout and would apply to your springer.


While you have it stripped, clean the trigger block, remove any burrs and lubricate VERY lightly with a very light mineral oil.


Let us know what you do and how you've done it - better still, produce an article to share with other members.


Good luck. DaveL

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As Dave says but would not use tar, underbody car sealant to get rid of the twang as all do, its just covering up the shoddy fitting guides and so called knowledge to date. Proper fitting guide to suit spring used will see no twang and do what its supposed to. Normal loose fitting will do nothing to very little and stay away from plastics they flex, break often and marketed as best thing since sliced bread purely that they are real easy to make as in 4 minutes against several hours done right in steel.

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Go to TinBum tuning at http://www.airrifletuning.com and buy his delrin kit for around £20.00 inclusive. The difference they make is more than anyone would think. (and way cheaper than others) Mine has been in my Breaker 900x (11.35 ft/lb (now for 4 months and is still doing what it should!

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