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Any advice plz guys

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i guys I bought a aa s200 177 mk3 2 weeks ago and have been trying to find the sweet spot on the fill.ive done a chrono test a 180 bar fill down and here are the results,is this ok or not because I don't really know if its any good or not,all I know is there was a couple in there over the 12ft lbs limit and this gun is brand new from the shop out of box,havnt been tamperd with in any way.ps. ive put about 1000 pellets through it so far.


180 bar fill jsb excact diablo 8.44 gr


1. 787 36. 781

2. 792 37. 754

3. 696 38. 752

4. 693 39. 800

5. 705 40. 758

6. 706 41. 754

7. 797 42. 758

8. 801 43. 801

9. 801 44. 759

10. 712 45. 797

11. 800 46. 751

12. 806 47. 793

13. 805 48. 793

14. 713 49. 742

15. 724 50. 758

16. 723 51. 760

17. 729 52. 763

18. 807 53. 752

19.804 54. 758

20.729 55. 786

21. 806 56. 745

22. 806 57. 759

23. 732 58. 753

24. 806 59. 777

25. 806 60. 774

26.726 61. 770

27. 803 62. 765

28. 744 63. 758

29. 742 64. 749

30. 747 65. 746

31. 805 66. 737

32. 749 67. 754

33. 807 68. 725

34.804 69. 740

35. 802 70. 734


as you can see quite a few over the legal limit.where would you guys say my sweet spot is in there.cheers

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No idea ignore them readings was this done outdoors in uncontrolled conditions.

Results show tell tale signs of changing light on chrono ie 100ft/sec+ Plus new rifles barely make 10.5ft/lb with anti tamper another tell tale sign chrono playing up.

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I've done the test 3 times now and very similar results?new battery's in the cronograph,I've used the same pellets from same tin,and put 1500 pellets through it so something must be wrong??

Oh and all three tests done indoors.cheers

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Light through window/s, a self regulating valve wont give that much spread over a short rate of shots.

I can easily get various chronos to register incorrectly just by altering angle 5 degrees, best seen 160ft/sec drop usually the order 70-90 ft/sec.

Then theres the other problems reading muzzle blast rather than pellet speed, notably the polish things, Caldwell Skans, palchrono etc non immune and could be looking for a problem that dont exist. See 1 a week average like that turns out nothing wrong.

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