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If you live in the Midlands I have just read that our very own Police commissioner, Mr. David Jamieson, has put it out there that in his opinion the price that we pay for Grant's and renewals for our licence's is not acceptable. He has hinted that it should be another £38 or so, and he goes on to say why should the police subsidise shooters.

In my opinion I feel that as we paid an increase not so long ago, it's fair and just to leave well alone. 

I mentioned before on this site that the initial Grant of a licence is when the main background check's and footwork are carried out, that may warrant an increase, but I fail to see the logic in saying that Renewals are causing the police a headache, when all checks are already in place with flag's picking up any anomalies, shouldn't it then just be a click of the button?

We managed before we had a Commissioner, maybe if we made him redundant we could fund at least another couple of bobbies on the beat.


Bob  :doh:


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