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Hey guys. This video cost me about $1800 to make…so PLEASE watch it!
-Nate @ Youtube’s Airgun Channel
Click here for the Ataman AP16 Pistols Review
This video also shows How to Size your Pellets
Coming next: World Brightest Green Laser Sight Video

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I've asked on one of your previous posts to put any videos  in the video section, I will not ask again for you to do this.


I'll even add a section just for you if you so wish, let me know by pm or on here.



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Pellet sizer sizes are usually chosen to best match the barrel on any given airgun, so if you have several guns, you may end up with an equal number of sizers or more, depending on how many different size sizers were tried to best match the particular gun.  As it's available in .22 cal only, it would not interest the target shooters but would probably make a good, though very expensive, ratter.  Even then, here in the UK with its low cap on muzzle energy, I'd guess a .177 would still be the gun of choice for a ratter as the trajectory would be less like that of a mortar LOL!


The pistols look nice but somehow seem to me to be very nose-heavy.  Also, I'm really surprised that an expensive pistol like the silver one you showed didn't have the cylinder pressure gauge "the right way up."


Of course, here in the UK, we're limited to 6fpe for air pistols and they need to be darned difficult or impossible to adjust upwards.  If an air pistol is taken for testing by the police, the lab they use may very well tinker around to try to get the pistol over the legal limit and if it does exceed that figure, you're in dead trouble because the pistol then becomes a firearm and its possession is treated just the same as if you had a .44 cal Desert Eagle.  I know which I'd prefer but the "ban this, ban that" brigade have this country in a stranglehold.


Do take care when waving a laser around because a reflection back into your eye can cause permanent damage.  What was the power of your laser?   Generally, 5mW is about the max available to the general public and even that power is very dangerous.  They are, unfortunately, often abused by idiots and can cause permanent eye damage.  The battery will be a lithium polymer giving 3.7v which is close to the ideal voltage for a green light emitting diode.  


As Matt says, please put your next contribution in the video section.  Your videos are extremely good and much appreciated.


Cheers and thanks.  DaveL

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I will have my new vids in the video section for sure. Thanks for the compliment on my videos. I appreciate that you guys appreciate my videos. I'm going to try and do 2 a week for 1 year = 100 videos. That's my goal. I am working on the full metal Sig MPX CO2 rifle right now. It's super nice. The best $169 I ever spent. 

Here is the better deal on the longer MCX: https://www.pyramydair.com/s/m/SIG_Sauer_MCX_Pellet_Rifle_Flat_Dark_Earth/4595


Happy shooting! -Nate 

20180422_074735 - Copy.jpg

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