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Sirocco Tinkering.....

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So I finally bit the bullet and renovated the Sirocco.

After 35 years the insides were a little 'crumbly' to say the least, but once I'd cleaned away all the solidified engine oil everything was surprisingly good with the main worry, the Zephyr piston head intact and still nice and pliable.

I'm still amazed that the pre-HE air spring is so efficient considering that it works on roughly 215 psi pressure and is only kept pressurised by a single o ring and parachute seal.

Anyways as the title I like a bit of tinkering so I decided to keep the engine oil in the compression chamber (2ml of Mobil 1) but to go with graphite in the piston chamber instead of the acres of moly grease that was in there that had gone all solid.

Put it all back together, pressurised it with 10 pumps and I couldn't even break the barrel, so back out of the stock, ten taps on the valve to release some pressure and boom! bang on 615fps with .22 Hobbys it's favourite food.

Now I expect the fps to climb as everything beds in so if I end up at around 650fps with the hobbys then that will be perfection.

Variation shot to shot is about 2fps which is staggering for a 'spring' gun and the cocking and firing is super-snappy just as a Theoben should be, infact I'd go so far as to say that the rifle feels and shoots better than when I first picked it up from the Theoben factory in 1983.

Zeroed at 27yds and with the original 4x40 Tasco I had on it from 1983 then we're all ready for Sunday's fun and games at Ron's Memorial Shoot and having the Sirooco on a lane that you use for a bit of retro fun.

I wonder how many people will stick their eye too close to the scope and instantly regret it as the Sirocco feels more like shooting a powerful centre-fire than a spring gun....

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Well the Sirocco certainly got a good running in at the competition on Sunday at Iceni. I think most people were impressed by just how good a rifle the Sirocco is and quite a few cleared the lane it was on which featured two FT targets one at about 30 yards the other about 12 yards.

To my credit I missed both which is just typical as the owner who set it up....:rofl2:   

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