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Low springer power from new

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Firstly I do not wish to overpower this rifle. I need it to stay within the UK limit of 12 ft/lb.

Since buying a new .22 Walther LGU described as full UK power it has not performed as described inasmuch that the power level falls way short of what it was stated to be. It is my belief that Full UK Power implies that it is close to 12ft/lb output and I expected it to be, like my others around 11.30. However, it was out of the box chrongraphed on 3 different devices at 9.35 ft/lb in its standard form. Even after allowing a long run in period which has allowed the warranty to expire it still falls short at less than 10.

It has been stripped and examined with no damaged seals or other component damage visible. Many different high quality pellet types and head sizes have been tried and shot but none raised the power any further. I have even tried weighing, sizing, washing and lubricating the pellets but that too had little noticeable effect.

Reluctantly I have now bought a new complete 16 Joule (12 ft/lb) compression cylinder, complete piston and mainspring all stated as LGU original equipment from the manufacturer/exporter.

My next move today will be to strip the rifle, compare the 'old' components with the new ones then install the new ones as a complete set and re-chronograph it.

In the meantime has anyone any ideas, solutions or know of any like problems with this rifle?

Thanks in advance.


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Nice pic of 'Exact' pellet stack!  I use dedicated pellet scales which are calibrated before each use and are accurate to .01grain. Its a pain sorting for damage, head sizing, washing, drying, sorting by weight then lubricating them but its the only method to gain accuracy for a chronograph test. The test is done with the rifle on a stand and a single finger only touching the rifle's trigger so there is as little human interference as possible.

Finally got the power up to 11.15 so I reckon its as close to my preferred level without a lot more expense and time. Next stage is to see if the power is consistent and try other pellet types from my stock. Old pics so there are even more now including many 'green lead free ones'

4.52mm .177.jpg

5.52mm .22.jpg

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Has your piston seal got the depression in the centre or the raised pip in the centre? The one with the depressed centre (on the right) is the correct one for the LGU.

Jeeezus! 3KG? There is something not right there. Mine just needed a very light push. Turns out from my delving into it that there was also really bad batch of mainsprings in the early ones and of course mine was one of the first imported. It was only when I eventually decided to chronograph it after reading an article from someone else last month that I discovered the reduction of power from what Walther stated was the release level or full UK power i.e. just under 12 ft/lb or 16 Joule.

Further checking on the strip down showed that the spring guide was also far too tight inside the mainspring by an estimated 1mm. I reduced the diameter of the guide using wet and dry paper by 1mm and it now allows the mainspring to slide easily over it. I bought the correct LGU (some are different from the LGV) piston, seals, mainspring, spring guide etc and a new Compression cylinder to cover all ends. all put together the power was still under 10.10 so I placed a series of power washers behind the mainspring until I got it to where it is now at 11.40 ish using .22 (5.52) JSB Exact Jumbo RS at 13.6 grain.

To lessen the recoil I then opened the transfer port to 3.2mm from its original 2.6mm. Seems to be lot better on the recoil now, in fact its almost absent. Ran another full test string this morning and it has stayed as it was yesterday at a 10 shot average of 11.35ft/lb and 613FPS. 

I have some spare stainless steel power washers I made if you need any or want to know how I made them.

By the looks of it the German version of Full UK power is different from our understanding of it! Even then the IMPORTING company states that they test each rifle they import to ensure its to the correct UK power! Yeah Right! Funny how they did not answer any of my enquiries to them. 

Need to know more, just ask?

Cheers, Ray



piston seal comparison.jpg

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Just tested again this morning and it is performing spot on to yesterdays readings. Job done at last! :thumb:

Just wondering if I can possibly fit it with a gas ram? Bit more research today........

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Gas Ram mod?

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Another day and another 100 pellets.

RESULT! 11.35 x 613fps average out of a ten shot string. Happy with that but why could not the manufacturer have got it right in the first place? Armex too comes to that!

If I do buy another Walther rifle it will definitely be chronographed in the shop in front of me before I part with any money.

Now to enjoy it.

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