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Kalibrgun CAPYBARA (?Semi-Auto?) Release Date + New Air Guns for 2018 Video

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Hey guys. This video will show you what's really up with the (semi-auto?) Kalibrgun Capybara PCP rifle. This video also shows many of the new guns that are coming out in 2018. Its going to be a very Merry Christmas if any of these guns actually make it to market for 2018. This video is more like a 30 minute TV show…about Air Guns!

Click here to watch Capybara Release Date + New 2018 Air Guns Video


Packed into this 32 minute video (in the order of appearance):
* Benjamin Bulldog .357 * Kalibrgun CAPYBARA * My ex-girlfriend * AOA's Websight * FX Red Wolf Walnut * Alex Max * The CAPYBARA Whisperer * Tiro Esportivo SBC * Diana Bandit PCP Pistol * Hatsan Galation Tactical Semi-Auto PCP Rifle * Sig Sauer ASP20 Spring Rifle (Beech and Synthetic) * Ataman M2 Ergonomic Rifle .30 cal * D.B Walton * Hatsan Flash .177 * Hammerli 850 Magnum * Sig p320, Weirauch HW44 *ATN 4k Night Vision Scope * FX Monsoon Semi Auto .22 cal * Ranger EX Long Range RC Plane * Storm Anti Gravity Drone (UHF/1.2 Ghz Drone w/ Dragon Link) * Drager Carbon Fiber PCP Tank Fill Station * Kral Armour * Air Venturi Hellboy all metal M4 BB Gun * Brocock Compatto * Yong Heng $300 PCP Compressor * Ali Express PCP Compressor Moisture Filter * Nitecore MH12 (or MH10) 1 inch flashlight * Nielson Specialty Ammo .25 cal slugs * 5.1gr GAMO 18k Gold PBA Ammo * Crosman Fast Flight Plastic .177 Ammo * Shooting Chrony Chronograpch w/ case and Printer * Daystate Rosso Series (#119) Replacement Stock * and more.





Thanks for Watching! -Nate


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