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FORTITUDE Accuracy UPDATE!!! (Amazing 10 shot groups)!

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(This is not a video

I shot 550 rounds through my brand new Benjamin Fortitude to "settle the regulator" …it must have worked. Here are my results testing the first 3 of 10 different pellets, (including H&N FTT's), once my first 550 shots were done. 

These groups are 10 shots each, .22 cal Fortitude (broken in) at 35 yards. I sat down, shot these 3 groups on the first try, these are not my best groups of the day, they are my ONLY groups of the day. 

I guess the Fortitude made me look pretty stupid today (some of you know why). -Nate 








I got the Baker trigger sitting right here. I'll try and install it this weekend and make an instructional video. I hope I can do it. I'm kind of afraid to try.

I shot those groups with the stock trigger but I'm definately going to install the Baker trigger. 




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