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Hey Guys, it's been a few weeks but I'm back in the PCP game (after air gun shooting was outlawed at the 5 acre farm I live at). My Yong Heng compressor really came in handy this last week. I drove 1 hour away, and hiked 500 yards into the woods, to the air gun range 5 days in a row. I was able to fill my 45 minute PCP tank each day so I didn't get stuck in the forest with low air. 

Here is a video with all you need to know about the high quality and affordable Yong Heng PCP Compressor


This Yong Heng Review video also covers Moisture Filters for PCP Pumps, the best oil to use, safety tips, How to get an Affordable Carbon Fiber SCBA tank and PCP fill Station, and Set up of the Yong Heng with additional parts you will need before you can use it. Thanks for watching! -Nate 










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