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  2. isp airstream

    well it is a beaut of a rifle john . but it begs the question . . why do you need such a rifle to shoot 45 yards max . cos i want it i suppose will be the answer it is the same , or was the same in FT . once Ft got off the ground , it became a kit race . till we are at a stage where a top flight outfit is in the region of £6000 or more . £1000 for a stock . do you need it . maybe not . do you want it . YES ??? HOLLY
  3. The row i had with calps was over his idea of swiveling hard left to hard right in the lane . those who do the inters may remember the course at Newbury a couple of years ago . which he laid out . about 4 or 5 lanes in we were on a upward slope . i sat down and took the hard left one . tried to swivel shuffle around to get the hard right one and managed to fall back wards off the bean bag . . yes the rifle was not loaded .yes cos i am an old -poot- i am a bit awkward but so are others . it should not have happened . and it would not have if the targets / lane had been positioned with the slope in mind . a few years before that . coming back down the other side . a lane had been positioned on a rut . making it awkward to sit down as i did so i hurt my back . up to then i had been on for a really good score . the pain from my back put paid to that . all it takes is some thought ??? HOLLY
  4. Been having a ponder. I've had a fair input into Iceni's WL & GP courses over the years and I'm basically on board with everything said so far. I'm not a fan of large direction changes between targets on a single lane. It might make for a technically more difficult couple of shots but the shuffling around is awkward, wastes time and potentially dangerous depending on when the gun was loaded. Also you can get exactly the same amount of angle changes over the course lane to lane rather than target to target. I like lanes that make you think and mess with your head. Like a 35 yard full size followed by a 35 yard mini. Or a mini and micro on the same lane. As a rule of thumb, for sitting targets on each lane I reckon a minimum combined distance of 60 yards would be fairly easy, 70 yards is good for a breezy day and 80 yards would be pretty hard. Add in some elevation and direction changes and your onto a good start. I find the tricky bit is what to do with the positionals. Elevation changes can screw up shots as much as range but I reckon if the combined range of all 4 standers is 100 yards and all 4 kneelers about 140 yards then thats about right.
  5. The SteyWhei

    well no silencer i am afraid to try , shame . maybe later . so barrel as was , no clean . snipers in 7.9 and 8.5 . 4.52 air arms and 4.51 air arms . and 4.52 JSBs . We Are Ready ??? HOLLY
  6. new sytron 45x45

    The Sightron is probably the best range finder i have used . Would i buy one ? No . too heavy . small field of view and optically a bit dark . . probably too dear for what it is . but if range finding is what you lack . there you go ??? HOLLY PS get a set of weights to work out with though .
  7. Laying out a good course for the winter league is not simple . to me it is about keeping the big boys ticking over for the GPs and keeping mr C grade happy too . cos mr C grade may well be the future of the sport . our last winter league at carisbrooke . woody put in a 39 . to me that is perfect course setting . this year the course so far ( it will be altered ) is put out as i said . with one gettable target and one hard target a lane . because the ground is so difficult to get across . we just chip away at the course through the course of the year . plus we don't have any super shots . just average mugs . then of course you have to look at the course as a whole . is this a course for everybody . well hopefully it will be when we finish ??? HOLLY PS by the way , we have a couple of bitch lanes . one i call Woodys End .
  8. Got a look through one at the show today. Looks good from what I can see. Only 1 reticle though, fine + with centre dot. Anyone else had a look through one?
  9. Must admit to liking putting out targets where they're apt to have a bright sunlit bit behind them, or between the line and the target, also where you have to actually think about taking the shot, with distractions all along the flight path (e.g. narrow gap between two trunks or branches) but with the other target 'easily seen'
  10. Yes, no silly angles but it does cause you to think about stuff. Personally I think having to move your bag is dangerous. The 'must be shootable from all positions' rule is often overlooked. We've got 2 members that can't kneel so we do ensure that kneelers are good to shoot standing plus we observe the 21 cm rule for anyone foolish enough to go prone, even though no one ever has at the club. Flat areas for standers and kneelers as well. That is the rules though, just not always followed. Not sure about the one easy target per lane, personally I think it's a real buzz for newer shooters if they clear a really nasty lane (especially if Woody/RobF/Cliffy/Steve P didn't), but I do consider that at regional level circa 40-50% should be doable for shooters with well set up kit (but not necessarily Steyr and Sightron level kit) and a season or two under their belt so are probably mid C grade standard. Setting 50% of a course for someone that got their first rifle 2 months ago is too easy at regional level, that's what the club league is for. We run a very popular summer club league which allows our newby members to get to grips with FT (and we put a mini FT course out every club day), and IMO this is where the sport needs to focus if they want more shooters, but at regional level the course needs to be testing without being consistently soul destroying for anyone that has skill but isn't AA grade. Shooting regional/national with only a few months experience, an S200 with a 16 mag scope is almost always going to end badly so not sure that the course setter should dwell too long on this one at risk of diluting the overall complexity too much? Sending a really new shooter out on a regional course is probably a little irresponsible of their club captain and I'm not a huge fan of the very PC approach 'everyone shot really well and everyone gets a trophy because there are no losers'. When I was C grade I won quite a few 1st place cups but I knew that it wasn't real as I was still 12 shots off the best score of the day, but that's just me. For some people it works well and keeps them shooting but I'm not sure it moves the sport onwards and upwards and it does introduce the possibility of ringers. I disliked being in C and B grade, and I'm not too happy being in A grade (again) but I don't shoot often enough to maintain AA grade consistency
  11. isp airstream

    I pick up my steyr at the next buccs shoot . so if they leave the zero range out i might forgo the pleasures of the shoot and see how that goes ??? HOLLY
  12. I am in favour of the old style of putting out winter league courses . one target per lane a C grader should get and one target that should test a AA grader . 20 of each . that does not mean to say that the harder ones should be long . it could be a 35 yard mini up a tree in the wind . no 180 degree targets , 45 degree at the most movement on the bean bag . otherwise you lose the ability to suss the wind that made you miss the first one if you do . had a row with calpin over these type of targets at the GPs . all shooting points to be flat . specially uphill ones . with enough room to sit down without falling over . all targets to be seen in every position . barring that get on with it ??? HOLLY PS simple like me .
  13. I'm curious to know what makes for a good winter league FT course. I've been setting and shooting courses for quite a few years now and tend to build them to my own taste so would welcome views. The rules is the rules so it's not about changing maximum distances or the +- 1 yard rule for 15mm mini's and being realistic we shoot in woodlands in winter so things like mud and slopes can't be helped. Some clubs have real limitations on where the firing line can be placed so shooting 360 degrees with gravel tracks that are nice and flat with big gaps between gates is great but can't always be accommodated. Starter for 10, none of this is necessarily right so feel free to disagree... A few angled lanes where you have to swivel to get the 2nd target. Lazy shooters will ignore the idea of 'natural aim point' and might dink the second one as a result of twisting their torso or forget the wind direction has changed but I don't like it when you have to move your bean bag to see target number 2. Having to sit in the right place (but with reasonable latitude and not just a 5mm window of opportunity) at the gate to see both of them from one seated position is good. Elevated targets. I used to like elevated targets but rowan style risers and angle of dangle meter thingies have negated much of the additional skill required so it's now about equipment, especially on kneelers and standers. Having the first target at a different height to the second one is cool though as they'll probably take completely different wind especially if they're similar distances, say 38 and 45. Long one first and low, short one a fair bit higher so it will probably take more wind. Repeat the shot and number two is a potential dink. Downhill targets are cool, got to drop your knee into a position that's not often practiced and standers/kneelers can be really nasty. The additional bulk of rowan style risers put them at a potential disadvantage, ha ha. Tree mounted targets that poke out sideways where you can't see the tree it's mounted onto because a closer one obscures it. Makes ranging more difficult as the target is hanging in air surrounded by an area that's further away, you can't range on the trunk. Can stuff scopes that have a deeper DOF (Leup comps for example) and it's easy to be out by 5 yards. Reducers. I've shot courses with a full compliment of reducers which are at near maximum distance. Takes skill to hit a 15mm at 25 yards but it heavily penalises new shooters who may not have the cleanest technique or have small errors in their setup or don't have a £3000 rig that shoots single holes at 30 yards. I like a 15mm that's close enough to stuff people with really high mounts and risers that have a tendency to cant the rifle especially if they're measured to be on a 1/2 yard (10.5, 11.5, 12.5 etc.) but 12 reducers at close to full distance is a bit relentless. 25 yards is probably the distance most often shot coz it's close to most rifles natural zero so seems pointless to put something at that distance? Awkward shooting positions. A little bit of discomfort by having to adopt a position that isn't usual is OK, perhaps leaning very slightly backwards or feet a little bit higher/lower than your bottom that pushes you slightly out of your normal position and messes with your head a bit but not ones that are painful and cause stomach/back muscles to be tense for the whole 2 minutes. Must be fair for lefties (optional) Targets that are mounted a few degrees off the horizontal to entice canting. Thought about where the sun will be. I have shot one or two courses where the sun was in the sight picture for some shooters which seems dangerous. Prehistoric man knew where the sun would be at any given time on any given date so it can't be that hard... Getting 'white out' is just one of the challenges of high mag scopes so lack of a decent sunshade is tough but looking at the sun at 50 mag is not good. Over to you Monty
  14. isp airstream

    Couldn't be much worse than the last round which was probably the nastiest we've had since that time it snowed/rained/localised tornado's at Wendover a few years ago. Whatever the weather the paths down to the plink will be very muddy, it's not had a chance to recover since the last round. We've got about 6 targets currently in the 40's on the new course that we can easily move on the Sunday morning and be repositioned anywhere between 10 and 55, if it's windy we'll bring them in a bit, calm we'll push a few out a bit. Or maybe we'll just push them out regardless
  15. Last week
  16. isp airstream

    The weather forecast looks good for next week . fingers crossed ??? HOLLY
  17. isp airstream

    No problem John. Forgot to mention that the trigger is mounted on a slot and can move fore and aft by about 3mm. Where it sits is really important as it adjusts the hammer stroke. Move it back and you'll see a really big power increase, forward and it drops off. It's way more powerful than the hammer spring tensioner. 1mm of hammer preload is about the same as 0.25mm of trigger movement. I've found a longish stroke with much less preload tends to shoot smoother, I've made a new top hat for the spring with a much thinner seat that the standard one. Mess about with it to find what you like. Too far either way and it won't fire
  18. isp airstream

    Yeah, the one I missed at Basingstoke was because I was too busy bitching with Farnworth Next shoot is in the other side of the woods, I went up yesterday with Tony and the ground in places is still very boggy but the firing line is OK and we're making new paths to get up the hill. We only shoot there once per year for WL so in pretty good condition under foot. The bit down from the car park is still pretty naff though. If we get a few days of dry weather it'll firm up otherwise it'll be atrocious.
  19. isp airstream

    cheers Monty
  20. isp airstream

    Yes i seem to remember you winning the shoot at Basingstoke last year . and that was in no way an easy shoot .??? HOLLY PS let us hope it does not rain again for the shoot at buccs . that was awful last time . rain mud and cold . urggg
  21. The SteyWhei

    We have to depend on groups to to tell us how good a rifle/pellets/ scope/reg is . at least off the bench in good conditions . today would have been perfect . ah well fingers crossed for sunday .got some 451 AA . 4.52 JSBs .4.52 snipers to try sunday . plus will try unscrewing the muzzle brake gradually to see if that will alter in anyway the way the rifle shoots . i find that on occasions by putting washers behind the screw on brake . the added weight can alter the barrel vibrations . sort of a crude version on Jons one ??? HOLLY
  22. The SteyWhei

    Tells you that at least it groups sub 40mm Paper targets are often the bane of a shooters life
  23. isp airstream

    Bit of both Holly, at the club every week but mainly potter around and sort things out. Currently it's mostly building a new course for the next round of winter league in the top part of the woods. Yes, I did have a year or so of hitting much more stuff than I missed and when I did miss I did it very competently
  24. The SteyWhei

    Arranged to borrow a screw on silencer to try on the rifle sunday . as a old Shutz i had shot a lot lot better with one on ??? HOLLY
  25. isp airstream

    You say your of limited talent Monty . but i seem to remember you doing pretty well a while back . but you have been invisible of late . lost interest or just busy ??? HOLLY
  26. isp airstream

    Not long before you start getting pellet obsessed then Mine both like JSB exact, tried express but exacts have the edge although that may be di related rather than specifically exact/express. Exacts shoot better than me so can't be bothered to spend any more time on this. Not found either ISP to be especially di sensitive although some di's do shoot marginally better but might just be me on the day rather than the pellet, but never had a really duff result with JSB's apart from one lot that shot really badly in everything. No. 15 will shoot 4.52 and 4.53 equally well, no.18 prefers 4.52 but it's marginal. Not tried 4.51's though but I know of ISP's that like those as well. Pellet testing has tended to be good, gooderer or a bit more gooderer so I'm not really that obsessed now, I'll shoot a few and then shoot the rest of them. Number 18 is still a bit of a work in progress and variations tend to be rifle related but number 15 is now sorted and like a laser. A laser that's being shot by someone that's really wobbly and of limited talent. Neither likes lube, groups get noticeably looser and I need to clean the barrel before they come back in but other ISP's I know of shoot better with lube. Clean barrel is better on both, takes about 10 shots for them to settle after a really thorough clean with VFG rod and VP90. I suspect it's just a few shots for the stuff that's already on the pellets to stop them oxidising consistently coating the barrel rather than 'leading in'. Groups are fine from first shot but from 10 onwards it's a little bit betterer. The VFG blue paste helps and I'll give them a really good rodding with it once or twice a year to polish it up and then loads of clean felts to remove all traces. I usually remove the barrel to do this to prevent the paste getting into places where it shouldn't and will probably bung it in the ultrasound bath as well. A cleaned barrel seems to be good for about a tin of pellets, then a quick clean will see groups tighten up a little bit but it never gets horrendous and you could probably go much longer before it starts to impact scores. The felts never come out filthy. No15 had the little splitter thing in the barrel shroud end cap, it shoots far better without it but others shoot better with it fitted as long as it's kept really clean but do keep an eye on the O ring in the collar at the end of the barrel. There's a collar that the shroud sits on at the muzzle with an O ring that squishes to make a tight fit. If it starts to perish or harden the shroud moves about and because the splitter is attached to the shroud that moves as well relative to the muzzle. Because of the way the shroud is mounted I suspect that some may be better centred than others hence the different results? After a fill it takes about 3 shots for the reg to stabilise on both of mine. I don't see anything at the target but with the gauge plugged in there is a 2-3 bar variation on reg recharge pressure for 2-3 shots. Thereafter it's rock solid even if you leave it a week. It's probably anal but after a charge I'll always fire off 5 pellets. I'm getting about 95 shots per 200bar fill from both on a reg set at 94-95bar. Keep an eye on the hammer, Shaun uses or used a light grease/heavy oil in the reg and some of it appears to get blown back down the exhaust valve stem onto the hammer which starts to dirty up after a while. I run both of my hammers dry (other than a wipe with VP90 and then a clean cloth to remove the vast majority of it) and do clean them on a fairly regular basis which helps keep the MV uber consistent. If it's really wet I'll drop it out when I get home and clean to prevent it rusting, if water has got in then potentially so has grit and dirt. I use a completely different lube in the reg in very small quantities which stays put so not seeing anything appearing on the hammer, but they still like to be cleaned. The hammer is fairly exposed to the elements so dust, dirt and moisture can easily find it's way in. Enjoy! Monty
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