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Benjamin Trail NP accuracy problems

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#1 otto

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Posted 02 April 2012 - 12:51 PM

Dear members of the Airgun Forum. I am new here, and recently bought a break barrell, Benjamin Trail NP 22 cal hardwood rifle. Initially I have been very impressed with accuracy and general handling and manufacture quality for the buck, perhaps exept the second stage of the trigger mechanism, but I have managed to center the rifle and make very good groups. I have now put around 800 Benjamin Discovery 14,3 grain pellets through the rifle and expect that the rifle should be performing as good as it will, however Im experiencing some increasing anomalities e.g. , the rifle may sound as if Im firing it dry (although most often the inaccurate shots sound normal), and/or the shot may hit way below the group or even miss the target. Also, if I have made say 2 or 3 perfect groups, suddenly the next target, the group may be slightly to the left and a bit higher than the previous group.

I have posted 6 targets here: http://imageevent.co...benjamintrailnp The targets 1-2 are as I generally perceive the rifle: Quite accurate. There are 10 shots in each of those two. Targets 3-4-5 describe the problem. They were shot consecutively in that order. Rifle on a sandbag from 30 feet. First in target 3, I notice that the group is slightly to the left and higher than my previous groups, which have been all tens, so I correct the sight with 1 click to the right after the first 7 shots in the group. The next two shots seem to bring back the hit to center, but are losing height. Shot nr 10 end up as low as a three, with the discharge sounding as if the chamber was empty. As if I forgot to load a pellet, and dry fired the rifle. I start on target 4, clicking two more clicks to the right, and the first shot correspond to that correction as a nine, similarly the next, but dropped and now an eight. Next shot drops even lower to five. Shot 4 hits as low as one, and the fifth shot doesnt even hit the target, going below my shot catching box. Since I evidently cant predict where the next shot will hit, I cease this target, and try to examine the rifle breach and bore barrell end which seems fine and clean. The pipe on the compression chamber side however has a tiny amount of residue lubrication/pellet material, which I remove with a dry cotton cloth and inspect with a loupe to ensure the breach is now clean as a whistle on both sides of the breach. Then I shoot target 5, after resetting the sight 3 clicks and lo and behold, the next 10 shots are all tenners, which made me very happy, although surprised that such a small amount of residue on the rear side of the breach could result in the problem. Then the next morning I procede to shoot target 6, whereupon I immediately see after 4 shots that although nicely grouped again the group is slightly off to the left/higher than the ten tenners I shot in target five. Shot five is completely out of the group again, sounding normal, but ending up way down as a four.

I would appreciate to hear from owners of this particular rifle, or owners of similar Nitro Piston rifles of the same manufacture: If they have experienced a similar problem. Thanks a lot for any interest.

#2 Pelamid

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Posted 11 December 2012 - 08:29 AM

Is your scope an adjustable paralax type? If it's not and is fixed parallax they are normally focussed at about 100 yds - any inconsistency in you head/eye positioning will alter the aim point away from the set sight line (at short ranges by a greater amount).

I have had a lot of air rifles and so often the problems with accuracy come backto the scope and not the gun.

#3 potshot


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Posted 12 December 2012 - 05:51 PM

Have a look at my topic Benjamin Trail NP in anything Airgun section of the forum, this might answer all your questions....mine though accurate was clipping the shroud because they are poorly finished...also the breach needs chamfering slightly as though you are crowning it as the pellets can get squashed when you close it resulting in random flyers....have a look at what I did to mine.

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#4 bulsaye

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Posted 15 March 2013 - 04:08 AM

make sure the bore is clean as well. If the barrel is leading up..accuracy suffers.

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